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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gratitude from Sulhita Youth Project

 Dear compassionate listeners,
 In the name of Sulhita youth leaders and many more youth participants who have been and will be in our Sulhita meetings, we would like to thank you from the depth of our hearts for the experience with you. 
You gave us a great feeling of being listened to. At this time it's so hard to find someone to listen to you and to really be interested in who you are and how you feel. Sometimes our work can be so hard and exhausting, especially when the conflict and the violence is getting stronger...sometimes we feel so alone.
Your compassionate being was very energizing for all of us...we all went out full with vital energies and hope, with many ideas of more that can we do...you can't imagine.
I am excited to thank you for this. 
With love from us, 
Elad Vezana, Sulhita Youth Coordinator

(click here to read about our meeting with the Sulhita Youth Project director and participants)

to learn more: 
  • visit the Sulha website
  • click here to read the story of young Leaders who meet despite the "walls of fear" (wait for the pdf to load)
  • click here to support the work of Sulhita Youth Project      


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