...reflections from a Compassionate Listener

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Transparency & Healing

I have had a keen interest – one might even say a fascination – with the topic of transparency for many years now. It has emerged as one of our deep values within the Compassionate Listening facilitator community, and informs my life to a significant degree.
There’s probably no other venue where we model transparency as profoundly as in our Advanced Training. Every year, the senior facilitators come together to team-teach at our two Advanced Training retreats, totaling nine days. We're often joined by 4-6 other facilitators from our community, who come to support us all, and immerse in the beautiful learning community that is created as we all come together with the participants as students and teachers, evolving our curriculum and practices together.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jewish-German Reconciliation

This story begins when I was nineteen years old, with a seemingly minor event. I was living in a farming community called a Kibbutz, on a stunningly beautiful piece of land near Jerusalem. This Kibbutz is famous for its archeological ruins going back to the Kings period, 3000 years ago – the biblical first Temple of Kings David and Solomon.

One evening I was at a favorite spot – on the ruins of a Crusader castle from the 1100’s, watching a beautiful sunset. At one point I looked down the trail and saw a very pleasant looking middle-aged man, walking slowly up to the castle. I knew that he was doing just what I was doing…coming up to watch the sunset.