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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palestinian Refugee Children perform for Compassionate Listeners

Yesterday, during our visit to al-Aroub Refugee Camp in the West Bank, they held three performances for us. This is a short video of the children performing their national dance, the dabke. Most of the group stayed overnight in the Camp with families, where they enjoyed the warm hospitality of their hosts. They arrived back to our hotel this morning, tired, thrilled with their experiences, and as one participant said, "it was beyond words...I have never experienced such incredible hospitality." 

Today our five days in the West Bank with Palestinians and Settlers is coming to an end. As soon as I have some time I have to backtrack and report on our meetings with settlers and Palestinians, which were all very special. We're heading to Ein Karem today, and tomorrow I'll be reporting from Sderot, as well as a small Israeli village closest to the Gaza border. We'll be meeting with Israeli psychologist, trauma specialists, and Israelis working actively for peace by cultivating relationships with their Gazan neighbors, across the border. Stay tuned! 

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Yafiah said...

Leah, this is beautiful and very moving. In the face of everything that is happening it is wonderful to see children dancing.

Therese Charvet said...

The children are so in-step with each other and the music--truly beautiful!